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Smart beaming of RFID Reader for data and power transfer

Mercredi 6 juin 2018
10:30 à 11:45



3480, University Street
Montréal, QC Canada
H3A 2A7

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Smart beaming of RFID Reader for data and power transfer

Nowadays there is an almost unlimited number of monitoring applications in structural health, logistic, security, healthcare and agriculture that are deploying a large number of co-operative wireless microsystems, with sensing capabilities, moving closer to the effective realization of the paradigm of the Internet of Things.

I will discuss one of the main open challenges of these scenarios which is the reliability of maintenance-free devices, with life-time duration, especially from the energy sustainability point of view. Such systems are required to power themselves, by harvesting energy from the ambient, thus eliminating battery needs. RF/microwave energy sources are foreseen as one of the best candidates to comply with energy autonomy, either because they are widely distributed in humanized environments or because they can be efficiently provided on demand. These two different ways of providing RF energy can be referred to as RF energy harvesting (EH) and wireless power transmission (WPT), respectively.

I propose a solution to optimize (minimize) intentional WPT at UHF, by adopting smart beaming techniques at the RFID reader side, with the twofold goal of locating the tag and then of providing on demand the needed RF energy in that precise direction. A dynamic radiating system based on the implementation of Time Modulated Array (TMA) is foreseen to be a very promising solution for the above-mentioned operation, having a much simpler architecture compared to other beam-forming solutions, such as phased arrays or retro-directive arrays. By a two-step real-time beaming implementation of linear TMAs, a smart WPT system is demonstrated: In the first step, the TMA is configured in such a way that the control sequences are designed to allow to get the position of the devices to be energized; such positions are used in the second operative step of the system, to set the time control modulating signals of the entire array for real-time beaming the RF power to the wanted directions. The dynamic nature of TMAs thus allows creating an agile energy-aware reader/transmitter to be adopted in different scenarios, pervasively occupied by battery-less devices.

The procedure allows a flexible design of the TMA-based WPT system, taking into account the impact of different array elements layout and spacing on localization and power transmission performance. Theoretical justification and experimental verification are presented and discussed.

Refreshments will be served.

This event is free or charge. Due to limited room, registration is required.

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